Free to be

Sue Greenwood Fine Art


My work has everything to do with being personal. When I told my mother that I was having an exhibition in Laguna Beach with Sue Greenwood, she started reliving her adolescence. I never really knew she had such wonderful memories about Laguna, or that she had spent much time here. Apparently so ... Summers with her sister at her grandparents house just a short walk from the beach. It was a happy and carefree time. My mother is 92 now, and still a driving force for all of us.


What is life without being personal —without expressing the love, and sharing it? While I was finishing up my show, an interesting looking older man came to my door to sell internet solutions. He saw my work and was overwhelmed with joy, and his joy felt like a blessing. He told me of the mountains of Persia where he grew up, and the three inscriptions on stone. I raised my fingers and repeated: 1. Good deeds; 2. Good thoughts, and; 3. Good conversation. In our brief but monumental conversation, we spoke like family, passing along the love.


Several months back, I asked Sue if she would like anything in particular for this show. She said two words: Have fun! Good words, and they set me free. Free to be.